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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thugga Life 4-evah

So here I am in Tunisia (and wrestling with a Tunisian keyboard; apologies in advance for typos). Tunisia couldn't be more beautiful, and the Tunisians couldn't be more friendly. I,m having a blast.

So far, the visits have been just about all Roman, all the time; today I went to the city of Dougga (the ancient Thugga): an absolutely amazing site sort of in the middle of nowhere, in the hill country of north-central Tunisia. I should have some good pictures when I get back; in the meantime, here is one of the highlights (not my photo), the 'Libyan-Punic' tomb:

This bad boy is pre-Roman, probably the cenotaph of a Numidian king. Outrageous Hellenistic architecture (I love the chariots and lions) even if it's not so subtle in its message...

Lots more cool stuff at Dougga, and the best part wqs that the site was almost completely empty. In fact, I've seen hardly any tourists at all outside of Tunis; I asked the caretaker at the casbah of Le Kef, and he said that it wqs because of the World Cup... the only people traveling are old people, folks who don't like sports and Americans...


Blogger maximus33 said...

Dear Andrew,
I visited Thugga just few days after you (july 26). You are right, it is an amazing place indeed. You can walk around feeling just Goethe probably felt walking aroung the ruins of Rome 3 centuries ago. I was alone with my wife my 2 children and 3 other friends. The only other people were few workers with caps made of strows escavating the ruins. A real amazing situation, it was like to be in a painting from 2 century ago.
The city is incredibly preserved and I strongly recommend anyone who reads your web site to visit the city.You can aslso feel the religious feeling considering that Thougga was visited few times by Saint Agostino and that their bishops participated in the seminal (for cristianity) Concili of Carthago and Efefus.

For eating and sleeping I suggest the Hotel Thugga (GP5 route D`EL KEF 9040 Teboursouk - Tel. 216-466.647 fax 216-466.721).Very reasonable food and accomodation, specially considering where you are....just like Andrew said: in the middle of nowhere!

I hope you have gone to Chemitu (Simitus) and Bulla Regia as well. If not I suggest you go. The marble caves, the underground villas with a specrtacular collection of mosaics and the theatre (much better preserved that he Coliseum in Rome) is worth a visit.
My name is Max and I am a Newyorker living in Rome. I am just back from Tunisia...pardon from he Roman provinces of Africa Nova and etus.
Hope to talk to you some other time
Best - Max

11:58 PM  

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