Rome Journal

Andrew moves to Italy. Hilarity ensues.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

a little knowledge

When it comes to speaking Italian, I seem to have reached a tipping point: I know enough to get myself into trouble, but not enough to get myself out. Okay, that's a little too strong... but I've been in the neighborhood long enough that I've gotten to know some of the locals, but not long enough that I can chat at higher than a five-year-old level...

Tonight, I stopped at the neighborhood rosticceria/tavola calda for dinner (eggplant parmigiano, roasted artichokes, a little bread). While I was waiting for them to heat it up, the owner started up a conversation, talking about the weather (I was okay on that: it's warm! and humid! Non mi piace!) and so forth. Then he asked me to translate the words of the music video that was playing... I did my best: "um, he's saying that he lives in a big city...? it's, um, difficult? and there are a lot of... people?" His response was basically, yeah, I got that much, but thanks for trying... Well, one does one's best, I guess.